The Chills - Pink Frost

what can I do if she’s lost?
just the thought fills my heart with pink frost



This is the young man that was walking with Mike Brown

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“A bit like Led Zeppelin, some smoothing hip hop. For two years I used to have these difficult agony attacks. The clock was 4 one morning and I couldn’t sleep. Mostly I used to wake Meg and she was forced to sit and talk with me all through the night. But this night she didn’t wake up so I decided to get a guitar and write a song about how I felt. There’s a version of it coming out on one of the subsequent singles which is the demo version, which I done in my bedroom. It’s really, really mellow and like, acoustic and by the time we got the band playing it, and Alan playing on it, and Spike was doing his thing in the studio, all of a sudden it just turned into this… you know, it was supposed to be this really quiet acoustic, mellow little trip really. And then, you know, Spike was like, ‘Fuck it man, it’s just a Led Zepelin number’ and then it turned out to be really good – it’s one of my favourites on the album.”

- Noel Gallagher